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Ruckus™ makes attorney marketing sexy. 

Ruckus helps attorneys:

  • Learn how to turn social media like Pinterest + Instagram into search engines for greater traffic and client leads

  • Create large profit margins through greater visibility, no matter when they started their firm

  • Transition from big law or in-house careers into the field of solo and small firm work more quickly

  • Transition their physical practice online, to enable attorneys to work from anywhere on their own schedule


Core Mission of Ruckus

Give our audience and clients the ability to live well with large margins of profit and time built into their lives.
To stop wearing ‘busy’ as a badge of honor, and start enjoying (guilt-free) the things that light you up.
To empower you to serve your clients well 24/7, without working 24/7 or even 8/5.
To be adventurous in the pursuit of your career, and free to walk paths you were previously scared to explore.
To teach you not the most modern marketing or management techniques and strategies, but instead, the most effective.
All photos on this page by  Staley Photos  (one of my companies)

All photos on this page by Staley Photos (one of my companies)

About Christina

Hey! That's me over there, in the back of a truck. I'll get to that in a sec, but long story short, it's really hard to work from anywhere if you're tethered to a house.

To start with, I should let you know that I'm basically unemployable. I am far too efficient for my previous positions. It's not acceptable in mainstream society to stroll in late (what? I had to get the perfect cat-eye) and leave early when your work is done.

Inefficiency drives me crazy and I refuse to sit at a desk for extra hours every day just because that's part of the job description. After I planned my escape from 9-5 prison, I had no idea what I was going to do. I met a lawyer-turned-yoga-teacher and decided the logical next step was to become a private yoga teacher in Atlanta. Yes, with a law degree.

As you may have noticed, when you launch a website, Oprah doesn't show up the next day singing your praises.

It takes a lot of hard work to get noticed, and even more effort to gather the attention of the people you want to work with as clients.

When I started my yoga company, I was forced to market myself, and I found success through Pinterest + Instagram. There was one small problem though: I hated teaching yoga... I only liked the business + marketing side of things! Oops.

While the yoga thing was a 100% flop, it did introduce me to the creative community at large. I won't go into the specifics,

but it was a natural fit since I'm an amateur calligrapher but professionally trained photog + floral designer.

I noticed a huge need that was not being met, and started what is now The Contract Shop. The DIY wasn't enough for many, however, which is when I went full-circle and started my second legal company, Scalera IP Law, that helps these creatives get and maintain their trademarks.

These two companies grew very organically, and other attorneys started to notice. They started to ask me how I did it, and as you can imagine, I got really sick of sending the same response out all the time. Hence, Ruckus™ was born.

Around this same time, I was devastated when I learned my best friend from law school died from an overdose.

He was a party kid, but nothing too crazy for someone in their 20s. He was struggling, largely silently, and I know marketing his firm had been hard for him to grasp on top of everything else we're expected to do as lawyers-- networking, client work and practice management, just to name a few.

If I can help just one other attorney learn a little bit more about how to run a successful practice, where getting clients was automatic-- even dare I say, easy, then I consider this experiment in teaching other attorneys a success.

I'm very candid about the fact that my growth has come mostly from becoming an influencer in a community I've chosen to consciously join and target as ideal clients. 

Most of this has been done through Pinterest, Instagram and collaborations. Attorneys are shocked to learn that during my initial consults, I often tell the potential client I am their most expensive option. The clients that are a right fit don't care. 

They know they're getting a superior level of service from someone who can 'talk shop' with them. They know they're working with someone they perceive to be one of their business 'heroes.'

Some of them don't even need my products or services-- they just want to buy something from me for all the value I've provided to them.

Creating this level of influence and lack of access to me personally has allowed me to create two businesses that can be run from anywhere with a wifi connection (or at least decent cell service that allows me to tether).

In the past two weeks, I've been lounging around the Atlantic coast, watching an eclipse at 100% totality in Wyoming, chasing grizzly bears through Yellowstone, at a retreat in the Missouri Ozarks, staring in awe of the jagged peaks of the Tetons at sunrise and working at a café next to the Blue River in the High Rockies.

And I've been working the whole time. Mornings are for hustle, and my afternoons tend to bleed into mountain hikes with plenty of moose and marmots, before I wrap up the evening with a dinner-- cooked over an open fire if I'm lucky.

Maybe travel isn't your thing, but I know if you had more time, you could do things you enjoy.

Your family might even love you again.

If you're interested in learning how to take back your life, click here to hear about the next time I open up spots for 1-on-1 consulting, or click here to enjoy my free content and DIY your marketing success.