How Much Money Did My Legal Info Products Make on Black Friday?

Warning: this post might trigger you. You might feel jealous, or inadequate. Please don't-- if you read to the bottom, you'll see that you can do everything I talk about here too.

In case you forgot, Ruckus is here to help attorneys learn about the new wave of internet marketing-- one that doesn't rely on spammy ads or expensive marketing agencies that fail to get your results.

In 2017, I've:




  • Continued running and growing my trademark law firm sans any ads, gaining three clients I'm a huge fangirl of-- think magazine publishers, famous photographers and bestselling authors (and now I'm their lawyer!)



  • Today marks a huge milestone: our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale in The Contract Shop™ will surpass last year's ENTIRE five day sale in just ONE day

How did I do this? How did I build a six-figure firm without getting any of my clients from a website or advertising of any sort? 

How did I build a legal info products biz that makes me money while I sleep? (Literally, I made $3216 while I was sleeping last night). 

It sounds too good to be true. It's not that I'm working more than you or I'm some special lucky person. 

It's just that as attorneys, we aren't exposed to alternative ways of doing things. You go to law school. You get a firm job or start your own. 

Then you hustle your little hiney off until you either make partner or barely keep your head above water on your own! Rinse and repeat.

That wasn't good enough for me, which is why I operate the way I do. And it's why I get different results than anyone else.

Next month, I'll be packing up to live back and forth between Colorado and Georgia. Why? 

Truth bomb: Because it's just not that hard. 

The hardest part is deciding that you want something, and letting the ones you care most about know. You could be torn down, ridiculed or made fun of, just like I was. 

Or, you could do what you want because it makes you happy, and you deserve to be happy. Haters be damned.

In the comments below, let me know what would truly make YOU happy, there's no judgment or sneering coming from me-- just a virtual high five and maybe some pointers if I have time :)

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