My #1 Time-Saving Tip for Attorney Branding + Logos


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How many times have you heard things like...


"...your brand helps you stand out from your competition."

"...use your brand to help your potential clients see how professional you are."

" can charge more if you look more expensive!"

Puh. Leez.

Look at who's behind this propaganda: agencies that want to sell you branding, or blogs that are questionably curated by lawyers in a sad effort to get more clicks for their advertisers. Not a successful attorney in sight. 

On the other hand, I've been able to cultivate a successful solo firm two years in a row without a website. Seriously.

Instead, I've focused on building relationships, networking at events with people I consider influencers and driving traffic to opt-ins like this one from social media posts [pssst, here's an entire article about how to create these types of opt-ins]. 

Soooooooo... My # 1 time-saving tip for branding is to not care about it until you're far enough along to know who to hire.

Caring about your branding first is a rookie mistake. We buy into it because we need to feel like we're doing something, anything, that's moving us in the right direction when we get started. And after all, we'll need to rely on it one day, right?

If you don't have a connection with your audience, the best branding in the world is just a tree that falls in the woods. It happens, but no one sees it.

And the best part is, you don't have to make connections perfectly. You just have to start. One of the most freeing lessons I ever learned was that basically no one pays attention to you online. It takes SO much effort to get those first few eyeballs-- you'll be lucky to have them, and there's a very good chance they don't notice your mistakes. If you want an example, check out the raw video I posted last week in the Ruckus™ Facebook group.

This week, focus on something that matters in your marketing: you. 

Make connections with 2-3 people you've been scared to reach out to. Start a new social platform (Pinterest is my favorite for driving traffic to my site and reminding influencers I exist-- I show you how to set it up here).

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