How to Choose Healthcare as a Solo Lawyer

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An Overview for the Skimmers


There's no shame in procrastination-- I know I'm guilty as charged on more than a few occasions.

But, when it comes to healthcare deadlines, you're toast if you haven't picked out a healthcare plan. EEEEEK! What's a solo lawyer to do? 

Duh! It's why you're here. Here's my two solutions for us solo and small firm owners, right in the nick of time. Plus, I'm revealing what I've chosen and why it's worked for me.

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Solution 1: Your Bar Association

Last year, my bar association provided lots of subsidized group rates for those of us out there with employees (I was the only employee at the time). This year, we re-orged my firm so there were less options, and none I liked. I was forced to find coverage elsewhere, which is when I found Solution 2...

Solution 2: Stride Health

I'm not affiliated with Stride Health in any way, but I did use their super easy peasy service this year to pick my new coverage when BCBS got the boot from Georgia (<wahhhh!). I actually ended up finding a plan I liked. While it was slightly more expensive, it has an HSA attached (which I go into more detail with on the blog, but the short of it is that this can help you save money). 

Solution3: Direct patient to primary care

My doctor, Nicholas Beaulieu, has a program where he charges us $100 a month and we get to come see him anytime, lickety-split. Plus, we have pre-allotted visits throughout the year. This kind of proactive health care has done wonders for my energy levels, and serves as a great way to keep me on track when I find myself eating too much junk or not exercising enough. 

If you're not in Atlanta and can't go see Dr. Nick, search for terms like "integrative medicine," "concierge doctor," or "direct patient to primary care provider."

What I Do for Healthcare

I admit, I'm not an expert at this, but I think that makes me all the more qualified to talk about it with you because you and I are in the same boat!! 

I've chosen to get a low-deductible health insurance lan every year, plus pay for Dr. Nick's "concierge light" care I outlined in Solution 3 above. The insurance more than pays for itself with the lab work he runs on me, and I'm pretty sure I can use the HSA I never set up to pay for that monthly $100 fee... but I haven't yet. Maybe sharing this with you will help me get this done by holding me accountable! 

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