Whether you're looking for more clients or a fully outsourced marketing system (that's not full of fancy graphics, but rather, real conversions), we can handle it for you. 

We also include an expected return on investment (ROI). This number is calculated from my own firm, my own constant experiments with these marketing strategies and what proven, recent research is showing to work in the marketplace with these given strategies. These ROIs are updated at least every three months.


Done-for-you CLIENT funnel

Funnels are what helped my business burst onto the map, and they're the only reason I wake up to a calendar full of consults. I'm able to turn them on and off as I want work. Regardless of your legal field, there are people out there who want to find and work with you. Stop hiding from them, and start being available 24/7 without expensive administrative staff or impossible hours.

Funnels are amazing because whenever I meet a potential client, I'm able to offer them a helpful free tool that gives them a chance to work with me in an easy, non-salesy way that lets them love my work right from the start. 

Expected ROI: 2-3 New Clients per month

Pricing Starts at $3500


monthly services

Monthly Email Management 

What if every time you started a marketing strategy, you could see the results within hours? And improvements within days? Email has the power to do just that.

This is the best way to stay in touch with leads and current clients, and develop a relationship that isn't all about 'the ask.' We'll make your job fun instead of salesy, and create great content you can use over and over again across many different platforms. 

This will improve your client and potential client relationships, as well as your SEO across any search engine. 

Expected ROI: Depends on how often you mail, but 5-10% conversions of your list to clients/repeat clients

Pricing Starts at $2500/month



There's money in the list. Wouldn't it be great to have a constant pool of potential clients just waiting for you, any time you needed them?

An email list affords you this possibility. This will work well for any type of firm, especially if you already have some clients.

Once your basic welcome sequence is setup, you'll be given a year's worth of prompts, so you never run out of anything to talk about. Prefer not to DIY? We can continue to handle it for you month after month (see our monthly email management, below). No matter what, your firm will be ready to run for years to come with just a this one setup.

Expected ROI: About 3-5% conversions of those who jump on your list

Pricing Starts at $2500


Content Optimization

SEO isn't hard; it's just about creating great content. I know, easier said than done.

No matter algorithm change or update you face, great content will always win because Google and other search engines are always optimizing to display relevant, recent content readers enjoy.

The best way to beat Google at its own game is to give it what it wants: amazing content that wows your readers and converts them into clients (or newsletter subscribers until they need your services). It's easier than you think when it's done for you by my team who has consistently gotten my content and offerings to the top of search results.

Expected ROI: Depends on how often you post, but typically within 3 months you can expect site traffic to increase by about 5% per month

Pricing Starts at $1800/month